I’ve reached Sicily by ferry on a New Moon night. A late Summer sleepless night.
I’ve spent hours on the outside deck starring at the darkness around me, the shore was too far to be seen and there were no stars, the sky was cloudy but no rain has kept me from sitting under that emptiness.
Mysterious landscape, a bottomless black, impossible to understand where the quiet Tirrenian sea and the sky met.
For a short time I was able to watch a storm from a distance, a little portion of sky was silently flashing and drawing electric lines in the dark, later a white shiny ship has passed by and I’ve watched her slowly disappear.
Then the pure night.
I’ve stood there, it was uncomfortable yet magnetic.
Dawn came and I landed in Sicily. Days of hot bright Sun blessed that gorgeous island during my stay, though I often found myself thinking at that Night.
At dusk, when the peaceful obscurity starts to unravel its mystery, I found her, silent, gliding upon rocks and plants living on that land
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